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Great Fizzing Brontabytes, I’m going to take you on a journey of wonder. You will see inventions that you would never have thought possible, inventions beyond your wildest dreams! You will be amazed!

You know, I’m a very determined Professor, who spends most of his time researching, inventing and testing. I’m not even sure how some of my inventions work most of the time as I make many of my discoveries by accident!

I prefer to live a quiet life out of the media spotlight as time is very precious and I have lots of important experiments to get on with. Some of my experiments have made me famous, winning me various awards, nominations and certificates, though I’ve still not received a Knighthood… just yet!!

I have been known to make a few blunders along my journey of discovery but I don’t have time to explain about those right now.

Well I hope you’re sitting comfortably because you’re in for some fun, oh and make sure you don’t press on anything you’re not supposed to! You have been warned.”

Professor Pickles



Want to try out your Science skills?
Here’s a few experiments which I’ve flung together for you to try out!

Pickles Pals
For better or worse, these are a few of my friends. They all have their own strange habits but they’re a nice bunch really!

Peculiar post
A selection of vegetable photos… some more unusual than others, (for research purposes).